We emphasize math and the mathematical thinking process when it comes to everyday activities. We look to immerse our students in real life situations that require math so that they can understand the importance of mathematical literacy. It is important that all students see themselves reflected in what is taught and they begin to view themselves as competent and confident mathematics learners. Our lessons are designed to encourage curiosity, critical inquiry, thinking and reasoning skills. We encourage collaboration and our individualized approach allows for advanced, strength-based learning. Beyond the essential math skills, we also introduce students into modern areas of mathematics like coding, entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

Science and Technology at Urban Academy

Science & Technology

Science is used as a tool to drive student inquiry and research. Our science classes act as perfect opportunities to experiment and investigate the world around us and the impact that we have as humans. Motivation, data, theories, techniques, tools, and results from various disciplines are collectively utilized to enhance the pedagogical efforts and improve the learning processes of knowledge acquisition and retention. Creative exploration and inquiry-based learning enhance curriculum delivery and provide opportunities for students to fully investigate their curiosities. We aim to match every inquiry with a learning experience that not only helps students to understand the importance of questioning, examination and comprehension but leaves them eager to discover more.

Social Studies / History / Geography

Social studies, history, and geography are used to help understand identity and place. From the standpoint of global citizenship, we examine our world from local, regional, national, and global standpoints. Our aim is to make our students conscientious members of society who are self-aware, empathetic leaders who also have a deep understanding of other cultures and ways of life. Our program also places a large importance on Indigenous studies, focusing on truth and reconciliation. It is important that students learn to thrive in an ever-changing global community and that they see how what they’re learning applies to the world at large. Lessons are focused on developing the knowledge, skills, and perspectives students need to become informed, productive, caring, responsible, and active citizens in their own communities and in the world.

Physical Education

Healthy living habits are something that we deem essential at Urban Village Academy. We want to guide our students into a health-conscious lifestyle that they will want to maintain for the rest of their lives. This includes healthy-eating habits, exercise and fitness, goal setting, mental and physical health, hygiene, and sexual education. Students are lead through creative use of physical movements, dance, games and sports to enhance physical literacy and fundamental movement skills which are critical first steps for future sport endeavors and being active for life.


In art classes, students are given the freedom to experiment with their own creative process and encouraged to experiment with multiple styles of expression. Our goal is to empower student confidence, voice, and creative expression. Using a variety of instructional, assessment, and evaluation strategies, teachers provide numerous hands-on opportunities for students to develop and refine their skills and knowledge in creating, presenting, performing, reflecting, analyzing, and responding in all of the arts. Our arts program is an interactive and engaging program that includes drama, dance, music, visual arts and helps students discover artistic fundamentals with their own creative process.

Art by Urban Academy


Our French curriculum seeks to increase student confidence and proficiency, as well as student, teacher, family and community engagement in French as a second language. Students not only receive regular instruction in French, but will also be exposed to and expected to utilize what they have learned throughout the rest of their day. Our goal is to enhance comprehension, ease of every day use and achieve effective communication in French at each grade level. Students will be challenged according to their speed of acquisition and comprehension. Besides creating more work options and the potential to earn a higher income, learning French helps to strengthen first-language skills and establishes a solid foundation for learning additional languages. Studies have shown that learning more than one language has a positive effect on the development of problem solving and creative thinking abilities. Students who have engaged in our French curriculum will be able graduate with a comfort and skill level that will allow for ease in conversation and future pursuit of bilingual certification.

Language, Reading and Writing


Reading, writing, and oral communication are essential skills that we place into all of our interactions with students and in every lesson. Students are continually given opportunities to vocalize their thoughts, feelings, and inquiries in a variety of styles. It is our belief that all students have a voice and it is essential for their scholarly success to find that voice and let it be heard. We encourage our students to express themselves and their creative process through all of the related language skills. Students learn to recognize non-verbal cues and communication to enhance their Emotional Intelligence, are exposed to professional writing and speaking conventions and also engage in exploring other languages including American Sign Language.

Passion Projects

UVA seeks to encourage a love of learning through allowing students to choose projects relating to interests they have, things they are curious about and topics they wish to explore further. Projects are approved and facilitated by the classroom teacher but directed by the student. This teaches the value of self-directed learning, problem solving and allows students to pursue their interests and passions. Some past projects have included website development, building and studying the physics of roller coasters and script writing for a film or play.